When Looking for Ways to Give, Be Creative! »

Part of investing is give of our resources to help others. This is an investment into our community and our future. When considering ways to give, you don’t always have to pull out the check book. For example, let’s look at how Alan Johnson turned giving into a win/win proposition. About a week ago, Alan […]

7 Recommended Websites for Debt Reduction »

I’m starting a new feature at Seven Actions called 7 Recommended Websites. Every week or two I will be posting seven Internet resources on a specific goal related topic. The first topic for this new feature is debt reduction. Since it is the goal of many of us to get out of or stay out […]

Investing Our Time and Money: The Seven Action Series »

Over the next week or two I will be posting a series on the Seven Actions. Each post will define one of the actions and explain its important in our lives. The first in this series is investing. Investing is the act of using something in order to receive a benefit or advantage. Usually we […]

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