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Witty, Sometimes Cynical, Quotes about Life »

Most quotes about life are upbeat and encouraging. Sometimes we need a different perspective. These quotes reflect some of life’s frustrations and challenges. I hope you enjoy the humor as much as I do.

Penn and Teller“He’s turned his life around. He used to be miserable and depressed, now he’s depressed and miserable.” – David Frost

“Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.” – Anonymous

“Life is wasted on the living.” – Douglas Adams

“Life is like playing the violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes along.” – Samuel Butler

“I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.” – Winston Churchill

“In spite of the cost of living, it’s still popular.” – Kathy Norris

“Live every day as if it were your last, and then someday you’ll be right.” – Anonymous

“The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” – Groucho Marx

“Life is a sexually transmitted disease.” – Anonymous

“Life is one long process of getting tired.” – Samuel Butler

“It’s not true that life is one damn thing after another – it’s one damn thing over and over.” – Edna St. Vincent Millay

“Not only is life a bitch, but she’s always having puppies.” – Anonymous

“The difference between sex and death is that with death you can do it alone and no one is going to make fun of you.” – Woody Allen

“If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.” – Mickey Mantle

“Life is like a dog-sled team. If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.” – Lewis Grizzard

“The first half of our life is ruined by our parents and the second half by our children.” – Clarence Darrow

“He had decided to live forever or die in the attempt.” – Joseph Heller

“Death is nature’s way of saying, ‘Your table’s ready.'” – Robin Williams

“Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? Because we are not the person involved.” – Mark Twain

“My husband and I are either going to buy a dog or have a child. We can’t decide whether to ruin our carpet or ruin our lives.” – Rita Rudner

“People find life entirely too time-consuming.” – Stanislaw J. Lec

“I think it’s better to not have been born at all. But how many people do you meet in a lifetime who were that lucky?” – Yiddish Saying

“Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.” – Yogi Berra

The New Target of Bigoted Hate Speech – People of Faith »

The life action that is often the most difficult to discuss, and the most controversial, is seeking. Seeking is about finding a greater importance in life than mere existence. For many, the answer is found in believing in a more powerful being who plays some role in our lives.

For all of existence, man has sought to understand life beyond his day to day existence. Christianity, Judism, Islam and other faiths are the result of this seeking. Yet, in the last few decades, religion has come under attack by those who consider people of religious faith to be immature, uneducated or even worse. There is a growing minority of individuals who spew hatred and ridicule toward anyone who professes a belief in a higher power. And despite the attacks I expect to hear from this post, I feel it is important to talk about this growing hatred.

DiggConsider this comment from digger rtarar that got 62 thumbs up on” ‘Religion is an insult to human dignity. Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.’ – Steven Weinberg, Nobel Prize winning physicist.” This quote from Mr. Weinberg was taken from a NY Times interview in 1999 and reflects the thinking of many people today.

Anti-religion bumperstickerHere are just some of the other comments left on the same article titled “Americans Change Faiths at Rising Rate, Report Finds“:

“I hope someday the headline will say ‘Americans say ‘fuck you’ to organized religion, Report finds.'” – Digger usrlocalbin.

“first santa and the easter bunny and now god? we are running out of imaginary characters to lie to our children about.” – Digger sigg14

Anti-religion sticker“Step One: Realize YOUR organized religion is bogus. Step Two: Realize ALL organized religion is bogus.” – Digger GREEDOnvrFIRED

“So sad that many people either switch religions, stay with their father’s religion or live on to believe a fairy tale without religious affiliation. Can’t they see that atheism is the only RATIONAL path and everything else is a man created myth with no factual basis? Without any evidence, God is the same as a pink unicorn. Why are people so stupid?” – Digger jm4847

The message to people of faith is you’re liars, you’re stupid, and your religion is bogus. The odd thing is that my research for this post took me less than a minute on Digg. I checked out the top stories on lifestyle and quickly found this article with the hateful comments.

Sticker saying people of faith are stupidI know, some readers will find my use of the word hate to be too strong. We are told that hate is something that is reserved for racists and the religious right. I agree that you can find hate in both groups, but the words of the new anti-religious are just as filled with hate and intolerance as any religious fanatic or klan member. The growing hate speech directed at those of faith is like a feeding frenzy. When did society decide that the one last group we can attack with words like evil, stupid and liars was Christians or Jews? And why? Because we don’t agree with what they believe. Yes, it’s that simple, and it’s called bigotry.

Here is one more comment from the article that helps you to understand the thinking of the seemingly very angry non-religious.

“At least some people get it. ‘The way to deal with superstition is not to be polite to it, but to tackle it with all arms, and so rout it, cripple it, and make it forever infamous and ridiculous. Is it, perchance, cherished by persons who should know better? Then their folly should be brought out into the light of day, and exhibited there in all its hideousness until they flee from it, hiding their heads in shame.’ H.L. Menckin” – Digger sos84

That’s is in a nutshell. Since non-believers are the superior thinkers, those of faith must be tackled, crippled and ridiculed. Believers should hide their heads in shame for their belief in a power greater than themselves.

I have just a couple other thoughts on this issue. First, I understand that the individuals who openly share their hatred for those of faith are few. By far, the majority of atheist and non-religious do not attack those who think differently. But society is seldom tolerant of any bigoted hatred expressed toward any group of people. Given how vocal this minority has become, I think it is time that we call this speech what it is and share our concern for the lack of tolerance.

Button harshly stereotyping ChristiansSecond, please do not start telling me the stories of how so many have done evil in the name of religion. It is like saying that so many crimes are committed in the name of money…so money is bad. Simplistic thinking says that we can color an entire group by the actions of some. Sorry, I simply can’t buy that one. Just as I pointed out above, it is the minority of atheists and non-believers who are attacking people of faith. We can not label all Christians, religions or atheists.

Finally, I do believe there is room for educated, respectful debate about whether or not there is a God or why Christians do not accept some tenets of science. All I am proposing is that we leave the harsh words and bigoted speech for the truly ignorant, while we have a reasonable discussion of the differences in our beliefs.

By the way, the images in this post are used as examples of some of the rhetoric printed on buttons and stickers to promote this anti-religious, anti-Christian speech. The words are harsh and meant to ridicule. That is the message of the intolerant.

34 Web Resources to Help You Achieve Personal Goals »

The following list of websites, blogs and Internet articles provide information and resources for helping you achieve your personal goals:

Goal Achievement WebsitesComputer Desk

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  3. 43 Things – Start making your life list
  4. Make Your Goals Happen – How to set and achieve your personal goals
  5. Tools to Life – Changing lives together
  6. Joe’s Goals – Online software for tracking your personal goals
  7. Changing Course – Live life on purpose, work at what you love, follow your own road
  8. The Magic of Goal Setting – Turn your vision into reality with the magic of goal setting
  9. Motivation Point – Motivation for your achievement and success
  10. Success Current – Your guide to success in life, health and business
  11. U-Turn Ahead – Making a midlife career change
  12. Living or Surviving – Live life to the fullest
  13. – Coaching for physical, spiritual and financial growth

Goal Achievement Blogs

  1. – Personal development for smart people
  2. zenhabits – Tips and ideas for simplifying your life and getting more done
  3. Lifehacker – Tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done
  4. Dealing Tips Blog – Self development and personal growth
  5. Steve’s Goal – Self improvement that works…
  6. Seven Actions – Setting goals, taking action, changing lives
  7. Life Reboot – It takes courage to reinvent yourself

Goal Achievement Articles

  1. Goals Guy – Ten commandments of goal-setting
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Goal Achievement Website That Cost Money

  1. My Goals – Membership site for setting and tracking personal goals
  2. Goal Pro – Serious software for serious goals
  3. Anthony Robbins Companies – Resources and motivation for personal achievement

Goal Achievement Audio and Video

  1. Tony Robbins | TEDTalks – 22 minute video of Tony Robbins at TED in 2006
  2. Carol Castle | Success Secrets – 4 minute video on how to prioritize your to-do list
  3. Brian Tracy | Personal Development – 3 minute video about personal success and creating luck
  4. Achievement Radio – Streaming radio network on personal growth and better living


Is Clutter Interfering with Your Productivity? »

Someone’s Messy DeskOkay, this is a personal issue for me. My office is becoming more and more cluttered each day. The problem is I don’t take time to clean my workspace because I’d rather be producing something. But there is the catch. It’s harder to be productive when I’m surrounded by a mess. More importantly, when I need to find something, it is often at the bottom of a stack of papers waiting to be filed…or more likely, thrown away.

So here is my plan to correct my problem and become more productive:

  1. First, I need to take 30 minutes and clean off my desk.
  2. Then I will set up a couple simple file systems for work that needs to be handy, but put somewhere other than a big pile.
  3. Finally, I set an expectation for myself to clear off my desk top before I finish working each day. This will keep the mess from accumulating.

That’s the plan. Clutter gone, productivity should increase. What ideas do you have for reducing office clutter?


Does Motive Matter When Someone Offends You? »

People in ConversationOkay, here’s one of my top 10 tips for life: The next time someone says or does something wrong or offensive, don’t start labeling their motives. Ascribing motive to a person’s inappropriate behavior is seldom an exercise worth your time…and often leads to more problems. For example, telling your spouse that he always leaves a mess because he knows you will pick up after him, is just begging for an argument. Ask yourself, does it really matter WHY he doesn’t clean up? No. You simply want him to change his behavior, the motive is not really important.

Oscar Wilde said, “Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by ignorance.” It is much better to assume the person didn’t know better and simply needs to correct their actions. This remove personalities from the equation and reduce the chance for debate. The discussion can now focus on the person’s behavior, and not your interpretation of their thoughts and motives. But when you label a person’s intentions, you’ve started down a much more personal path.

Taking this approach will also do wonders for your own state of mind. I have done this with a close friend who is lacking in social skills. She occasionally says things that are hurtful or offensive without considering the feelings of the other person. It would be easy to assume she is deliberately hateful, but I choose to see things differently. I assume she is simply unskilled in the art of human relationships. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not suggesting that you ignore or tolerate the distasteful behaviors of others. I am only recommending a different tact for addressing those offenses.

This practice has broader application to situations beyond your friends and family. What is your response when someone cuts you off in traffic? Do you label them a jerk who deliberately drives as if the road is their own? Have you ever cut someone off unintentionally? Let’s just assume they are an inattentive driver. It’s not an excuse, but it eliminates the feeling that their behavior was deliberate and personally offensive. And how do you react when someone makes a prejudiced comment about another person due to race or religion? Instead of labeling the person a racist or bigot, consider them ignorant.

Consider my own situation when I started a new job years ago. I was working with several individuals who had developmental disabilities, but was using words like “handicapped person” when speaking of their disability. My coworkers could have assumed I cared more about the disability than the individual, but instead they considered me ignorant. They took to time to explain why such terms add to misunderstandings about persons with disabilities and introduced me to “People First” language (PDF).

So it’s time to give this a try. For two weeks, stop labeling the intentions of the person and only consider the appropriateness of the behavior. See if this doesn’t give you a bit more hope in others and reduce the conflicts you encounter. Make a effort to follow this principle and see what a difference it makes.

[PhotoCredit:B_D_Solis ]

The Love Letter: Still as Wonderful Today, as Ever Before »

Love LetterJohn Keats, the renowned English poet, known for such works as Hyperion, Ode on a Grecian Urn and The Eve of St. Agnes. But Keats also poured his heart out writing for an audience of one, Fanny Brawne. Keats met Brawne in Hampstead in 1818 and very quickly found himself in love. Keats love, like his first 22 years of live, would have more than a fair share of turmoil and frustration.

Keats relationship with Brawne was kept mostly private given the scandalous inquiries of Victorian society. They secretly became engaged, but did not marry before Keat, suffering from Tuberculosis, moved to Rome on the advice of his doctors. There he died at the age of 25. It is said that he was buried with a letter from Fanny Brawne laid close to his heart.

During their two years together and while he was in Italy, Keats wrote dozens of letters to Brawne. These love letters expressed the deepest emotions of Keats desire. In 1820, a year before his death, he wrote…

My Dearest Girl,

I have been a walk this morning with a book in my hand, but as usual I have been occupied with nothing but you: I wish I could say in an agreeable manner. I am tormented day and night. They talk of my going to Italy. ‘Tis certain I shall never recover if I am to be so long separate from you: yet with all this devotion to you I cannot persuade myself into any confidence of you….

You are to me an object intensely desirable — the air I breathe in a room empty of you in unhealthy. I am not the same to you — no — you can wait — you have a thousand activities — you can be happy without me. Any party, anything to fill up the day has been enough.

How have you pass’d this month? Who have you smil’d with? All this may seem savage in me. You do no feel as I do — you do not know what it is to love — one day you may — your time is not come….

I cannot live without you, and not only you but chaste you; virtuous you. The Sun rises and sets, the day passes, and you follow the bent of your inclination to a certain extent — you have no conception of the quantity of miserable feeling that passes through me in a day — Be serious! Love is not a plaything — and again do not write unless you can do it with a crystal conscience. I would sooner die for want of you than —

Yours for ever
J. Keats

The love letter is commonly viewed as the product of adolescence affection. But putting to paper the feelings we have for our spouse or companion should not be give such little value. A simple meaningful letter can open up a deeper understanding and commitment between two lovers. Ronald Reagan wrote numerous affectionate letter to Nancy, even late in his life.

Take some time to tell your love how much they mean to you in a simple letter. You don’t have to possess the talent of John Keats to say “I love you” in a meaningful way. Just share from the heart. There is something amazingly special about putting on paper the words that express your love for someone.


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