Staying HealthyTo live is to grow; to thrive. To live we must care for our bodies and our minds. Living is about our health; what we eat, how we exercise, and how we care for ourselves. Living, as one of the Seven Actions, refers to our biological being. Our health is the cornerstone on which every aspect of our existence depends.

When I began thinking about the Seven Actions of life, I knew health would have to be one of the key components of this framework. When trying to define my health as an action, I started with words like diet and exercise. The problem is that these actions are just a part of a person’s health. There’s no denying their importance, but health is much more than this.

Then I considered the action of living. Living involves so much more than just the actions we take to keep our body strong. Living, to me, encompasses our physical and mental health. The action of living means to take on life fully prepared, both in body and mind.

Our mental health is a matter of how we view ourselves and the world. Being content with where we are in life and feeling powerful about our ability to affect our future are key to a healthy mind. And our mental health directly affects our physical wellbeing.

Maintaining good physical health means respecting that our body’s are finely tuned organisms that need proper care. Here is where we must recognize how our diet (what we eat) and exercise (what we do) play a critical role in keeping our body healthy. We can choose to ignore these matters and do as we please, but our body’s will suffer the consequences.

For many of us, health only becomes important after we survive a serious illness, see a loved one pass, or find that we are not able to do things we once were.  Taking action to really live, means making decisions about what we eat, how we exercise and how we think to ensure a long and healthy existence.

[Photo Credit: Abdullah AL-Naser]

our existence rests.

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