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The New Target of Bigoted Hate Speech – People of Faith »

The life action that is often the most difficult to discuss, and the most controversial, is seeking. Seeking is about finding a greater importance in life than mere existence. For many, the answer is found in believing in a more powerful being who plays some role in our lives. For all of existence, man has […]

Seeking Meaning: The Seven Actions Series »

The final post in the Seven Actions Series is about seeking. I think I saved this action until last because I knew it would be the most difficult to write. Seeking is our need to believe in something. It is what gives life meaning. It is spiritual, but not always religious. It is understanding that […]

Introducing The Seven Actions of Life »

For most of my life I have been a goal setter. I guess it’s related to my attraction to numbers, statistics, and basically measuring things. I started around age 14 selecting measurable targets for things I wanted to achieve in life. And doing so had a tremendous impact on who I have become. But life […]

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