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Witty, Sometimes Cynical, Quotes about Life »

Most quotes about life are upbeat and encouraging. Sometimes we need a different perspective. These quotes reflect some of life’s frustrations and challenges. I hope you enjoy the humor as much as I do. “He’s turned his life around. He used to be miserable and depressed, now he’s depressed and miserable.” – David Frost “Don’t […]

The New Target of Bigoted Hate Speech – People of Faith »

The life action that is often the most difficult to discuss, and the most controversial, is seeking. Seeking is about finding a greater importance in life than mere existence. For many, the answer is found in believing in a more powerful being who plays some role in our lives. For all of existence, man has […]

34 Web Resources to Help You Achieve Personal Goals »

The following list of websites, blogs and Internet articles provide information and resources for helping you achieve your personal goals: Goal Achievement Websites Mind Tools – Essential skills for an excellent career Time Management Guide – Personal time management articles 43 Things – Start making your life list Make Your Goals Happen – How to […]

Is Clutter Interfering with Your Productivity? »

Okay, this is a personal issue for me. My office is becoming more and more cluttered each day. The problem is I don’t take time to clean my workspace because I’d rather be producing something. But there is the catch. It’s harder to be productive when I’m surrounded by a mess. More importantly, when I […]

Does Motive Matter When Someone Offends You? »

Okay, here’s one of my top 10 tips for life: The next time someone says or does something wrong or offensive, don’t start labeling their motives. Ascribing motive to a person’s inappropriate behavior is seldom an exercise worth your time…and often leads to more problems. For example, telling your spouse that he always leaves a […]

The Love Letter: Still as Wonderful Today, as Ever Before »

John Keats, the renowned English poet, known for such works as Hyperion, Ode on a Grecian Urn and The Eve of St. Agnes. But Keats also poured his heart out writing for an audience of one, Fanny Brawne. Keats met Brawne in Hampstead in 1818 and very quickly found himself in love. Keats love, like […]

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