About Me


I’m just another guy trying to improve his life through taking deliberate action. So far, the 44 years of my life have been awesome. I’ve got a great job, an amazing wife, two wonderful sons and no major worries. So why improve my life? Because there’s room for improvement. I want to be healthier, learn stuff, play more and understand life better. Basically, I want to achieve some important life goals. So I started this blog to help me achieve those goals.Jim and Wife

My Goals

To see my goals and follow my progress, click here or search for Jim’s goals.

My Philosophy

Over the years I have come to believe that our lives can be summed up in Seven Actions: love, play, live, seek, learn, give, work. Everything we do falls into one of these Seven Actions. By seeking to understand these actions, what they mean, and how we can use them to improve ourselves, we begin to take control of our lives. And when we are in control, we can choose our own path, create our own happiness and determine our own future.

At SevenActions.com you can follow my effort to improve my life through the Seven Actions. You can also find information, resources, and support for making real and lasting changes in your own life. My hope is that while changing my own life, I can help you take action to change yours.

Jim Lockwood

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