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Sure You Can Teach an Ole’ Dog New Tricks!

Kingsborough Community CollegeLearning is a lifelong endeavor. But many of us have forgotten the benefits of classroom learning.

I’ve finished graduate school almost twenty years ago. The last time I received a grade for a learning assignment Ronald Reagan was just leaving office. I’ve attended workshops and professional trainings since then, but long gone are the weekly classes and homework assignments. That is, until recently…

In January, I registered for a DreamWeaver web design course at the local community college. This wasn’t a job requirements or even a skill needed in my career. It was just something I wanted to learn. I’d learned some online through the excellent videos available at, but I felt that there was something of value in having an instructor to answer my questions.

We are now halfway through the semester long course and here’s some of the unexpected lessons I have learned (or relearned):

1. You can learn just as much from your classmates as you can from the teacher.

2. There are other ole’ dogs, just like me, looking to learn new tricks.

3. Spring break is still for the young and financially free.

4. Even when grades don’t matter, you still check the gradebook each week.

5. Everything is computerized, from registering for classes to viewing last week’s class presentation.

6. My son still doesn’t want to be seen with me on campus.

I’m really enjoying the classroom experience and will probably take another class later this year.  There is so much I still want to learn.  But the most important lesson is that education is not just for the young.  So take the time to learn a new skill or study an interesting subject.  Sign up for a class at your local community college.


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