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Sure You Can Teach an Ole’ Dog New Tricks! »

Learning is a lifelong endeavor. But many of us have forgotten the benefits of classroom learning. I’ve finished graduate school almost twenty years ago. The last time I received a grade for a learning assignment Ronald Reagan was just leaving office. I’ve attended workshops and professional trainings since then, but long gone are the weekly […]

Goal Setting Power Tools Used By Millionaires (and Other Successful People) »

For hundreds of years top money makers, successful business owners, and world leaders have used two power tools for achieving their goals that is available to everyone reading this post.  In fact, nearly everyone worldwide has used these tools, but not everyone knows how to use them to achieve their personal and professional goals.  Better […]

Seven Actions is Looking for Writers »

If you love both writing and helping others achieve their goals, then you may be interested in helping out at Seven Actions. I’ve been running this blog (and three others) for nearly three months and the load is becoming a challenge. But the response to the blog has been excellent, and I don’t want to […]

Recommended Reading: 5 Posts on Personal Development »

Each week I take about an hour to read other blogs on self improvement. There are some great blogs and websites on the topic, but this list of 5 articles are the best I found this week. Feel free to email me with your own recommendations of interesting articles for future “Recommended Readings”. Reasons to […]

The Two Most Important Facts You Will Ever Learn »

To understand where you are in life, how you got here, and where you’re going, you need to understand two very important facts. No matter what is happening in your life, whether all is going well or the demons of hell have taken residence in your home, you made it happen. 1. No one is […]

Witty, Sometimes Cynical, Quotes about Life »

Most quotes about life are upbeat and encouraging. Sometimes we need a different perspective. These quotes reflect some of life’s frustrations and challenges. I hope you enjoy the humor as much as I do. “He’s turned his life around. He used to be miserable and depressed, now he’s depressed and miserable.” – David Frost “Don’t […]

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