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Strange But True Facts About Me

Mmmm…cake!My friend David Rogers at wrote a post about himself titled, “Seven Strange Things You didn’t Want to Know.” It seems that David was tagged as part of a blogging chain of posts where everyone tagged must write 7 weird things about themselves. David, being the kind gentleman that he is, tagged me at the end of his post.

I was actually tagged early in this chain at one of my other blogs where I use a pseudonym. You can read that post here. However, since I was tagged by David at a different blog, I suppose I should write another list. So, keeping with the goal achievement theme of this blog, I’ve decided to post seven strange goal related facts about myself.

1. I ran a half marathon about five years ago. Like David (you really have to read his marathon story!), I am a large man who is not typically considered a runner. But when I was 19 I set five goals for my life, one being to complete a marathon. I have achieved four of the five goals, but have yet to enter a marathon.

2. I graduated college at 19 years of age. I love learning but don’t like waiting to achieve things. (That’s not always a good thing.) I started college while still in high school and then took pretty heavy loads in college so I could finish quickly. I did take a little more time getting my Master’s degree.

3. I’m obsessive about tracking things on charts and spreadsheets. While I write this post, I have Excel opened with a graph of daily traffic on each of my blogs.

4. I have lost over 100 pounds in the past 8 years. Sounds impressive, eh? But here’s the catch…I did this in three different episodes (35 lbs., 48 lbs, and 32 lbs.) and regained the weight back each time. I know how to lose weight, and I’m actually very good at it. It’s just the whole “keeping it off” thing that I struggle with. That is one of the reasons for starting this blog. It helps keep me motivated.

5. I used to play tournament Scrabble at the intermediate level. I even placed third in the first tournament I played (32 players, 22 games, 3 days). I love the game, but I gave it up because of the time commitment. I was studying words for 1-2 hours each day. But it was great to set goals for learning new words and how well I’d do at tournaments. I miss it…some.

6. I once won a prize for being the worse bowler on a league bowling team. I was so proud of the award. Okay, I was only eight, but it was the first thing I had ever won. The bowling pro made such a big deal when he awarded the prize to the worse bowler on each team that we didn’t even think about why we were getting the award. We all loved it.

7. I don’t have all my sh** together. What? How can I write a blog about achieving personal goals when my life is not perfect? Because I’m real. I’m just like you. I struggle with my weight, I’m challenged by my work, and I don’t have the perfect retirement plan. My problem is the disconnect between what I know and the action I take. So, I share what I know and what I learn from others in order to help both of us.

8. Bonus Fact: Two years ago I decided to learn cake decorating. That’s one of my cakes in the photo.

There it is…seven (plus one) strange, but true facts about me.

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