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Is Clutter Interfering with Your Productivity?

Someone’s Messy DeskOkay, this is a personal issue for me. My office is becoming more and more cluttered each day. The problem is I don’t take time to clean my workspace because I’d rather be producing something. But there is the catch. It’s harder to be productive when I’m surrounded by a mess. More importantly, when I need to find something, it is often at the bottom of a stack of papers waiting to be filed…or more likely, thrown away.

So here is my plan to correct my problem and become more productive:

  1. First, I need to take 30 minutes and clean off my desk.
  2. Then I will set up a couple simple file systems for work that needs to be handy, but put somewhere other than a big pile.
  3. Finally, I set an expectation for myself to clear off my desk top before I finish working each day. This will keep the mess from accumulating.

That’s the plan. Clutter gone, productivity should increase. What ideas do you have for reducing office clutter?


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