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34 Web Resources to Help You Achieve Personal Goals

The following list of websites, blogs and Internet articles provide information and resources for helping you achieve your personal goals:

Goal Achievement WebsitesComputer Desk

  1. Mind Tools – Essential skills for an excellent career
  2. Time Management Guide – Personal time management articles
  3. 43 Things – Start making your life list
  4. Make Your Goals Happen – How to set and achieve your personal goals
  5. Tools to Life – Changing lives together
  6. Joe’s Goals – Online software for tracking your personal goals
  7. Changing Course – Live life on purpose, work at what you love, follow your own road
  8. The Magic of Goal Setting – Turn your vision into reality with the magic of goal setting
  9. Motivation Point – Motivation for your achievement and success
  10. Success Current – Your guide to success in life, health and business
  11. U-Turn Ahead – Making a midlife career change
  12. Living or Surviving – Live life to the fullest
  13. – Coaching for physical, spiritual and financial growth

Goal Achievement Blogs

  1. – Personal development for smart people
  2. zenhabits – Tips and ideas for simplifying your life and getting more done
  3. Lifehacker – Tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done
  4. Dealing Tips Blog – Self development and personal growth
  5. Steve’s Goal – Self improvement that works…
  6. Seven Actions – Setting goals, taking action, changing lives
  7. Life Reboot – It takes courage to reinvent yourself

Goal Achievement Articles

  1. Goals Guy – Ten commandments of goal-setting
  2. Top Achievement – 7 steps to powerful written goals
  3. About Goal Setting – Goal setting 20 minute tutorial: The blueprint
  4. Family Guide – Setting healthy goals
  5. Five Cent Nickel – Setting financial goals
  6. Quote Garden – Quotes about setting goals
  7. Yettichiu – Personal goal settings : 4 practical steps to achieving your goals

Goal Achievement Website That Cost Money

  1. My Goals – Membership site for setting and tracking personal goals
  2. Goal Pro – Serious software for serious goals
  3. Anthony Robbins Companies – Resources and motivation for personal achievement

Goal Achievement Audio and Video

  1. Tony Robbins | TEDTalks – 22 minute video of Tony Robbins at TED in 2006
  2. Carol Castle | Success Secrets – 4 minute video on how to prioritize your to-do list
  3. Brian Tracy | Personal Development – 3 minute video about personal success and creating luck
  4. Achievement Radio – Streaming radio network on personal growth and better living


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