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The Value of Playing: The Seven Action Series

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When we think of play, we usually picture children. But play is valuable to adults as well. When we were young, play was our social networking, our way of learning, our exercise and our escape. The same is still true in adulthood, but may of us have forgotten how to play. More importantly, we’ve forgotten the value of play.

Play is taking time away from our work and our responsibilities to do what is pleasurable and not required. Play is our break from obligations, our time for renewal and our retreat from the serious. Play brings back the adventure and joy of childhood; that feeling of release.

Play can be passive, in the form of entertainment such going to a movie or listening to a CD. Play is also recreation, activities requiring involvement and action such as playing tennis or going fishing. Play diverts our attention from the drudgery of the day by engaging our mind and our body. It can reduce stress, improve health, and strengthen relationships.

Some of us don’t spend enough time engaged in play. We focus our investments of time and money into the business of life; forgetting the importance of play. I have had the opposite affliction…spending too much time at play. Letting my recreation get in the way of my obligations. So play requires balance.

In order to benefit from the Seven Actions, play must be a part of our formula. That means understanding the value of play and making it one of our priorities. Enjoy life, take a break, and renew yourself. What do you do for play?

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