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Seeking Meaning: The Seven Actions Series

Who are you?The final post in the Seven Actions Series is about seeking. I think I saved this action until last because I knew it would be the most difficult to write.

Seeking is our need to believe in something. It is what gives life meaning. It is spiritual, but not always religious. It is understanding that we are more than just organisms randomly interacting. Seeking is our desire to understand who we are, why we exist, and what is important in life.

Seeking is also about morality and recognizing that life is bigger than just ourselves. When we seek answers about life, we begin to define all of our actions, our decisions, and our relationships. When one believes that life is nothing but chance and science, morality has no role. But without morality, we have no right and wrong; no responsibility to anyone but ourselves. And that, by definition, leaves no room for love.

As we seek to understand life, we will not all find the same answer. But the answer and the journey to get there will help to build a path for our lives and our decisions. As best selling author Greg Anderson said, “When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing — then we truly live life.” Meaning is vital to our lives.

In my own life, meaning is found in my spiritual faith. I believe in something greater than myself and greater than the application of science can explain. I understand the challenges that this post may present for many of my readers. For many, there is an aversion to anything spiritual. But look past my own journey, and ask yourself if you have not needed to understand life at a more meaningful level. You may find a different answer. For you, the spiritual answer to life may seem lacking. That’s fine. What is important is that we all look beyond ourselves for a deeper appreciation for our existence.

Where have you found meaning? How have you recognized that life is greater than just yourself?

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