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My Playing Goal: One Hour Outdoor Recreation

[If you’ve been following the Seven Action Series, the next post in the series will appear on Monday.]

After writing that last post on the important of play, I figured it was time to share my personal goal for the action of playing.

Goal: I will spend at least one hour each week in an outdoor recreation activity (not including normal exercise).Disc Golf

Since getting involved in blogging and working on projects around the house, I haven’t taken much time to get outdoors and enjoy some of my favorite activities. I haven’t been taking time to play. So, I’ve set a goal to get out for at least an hour each week.

So, what is it that I like to do? I really enjoy backpacking and hiking. I also enjoy taking the dogs to the local dog park. Another favorite is disc golf. Our local park district installed a course near our home last year and I immediately began playing the sport that I hadn’t played for years. This morning I went to the course to play in our regular monthly tournament after taking a two month break. I think my 1st place win and a new personal best were signs that I need to get back out and start playing regularly.

So, once a week I will be taking at least an hour to do something I love. And on occasion, my wife or sons will double the fun by coming along. So, taking time to play is on my list of life goals.

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