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My Personal Story and the Seven Actions Blog

Jim and Shelley at Christmas 2007I am Jim Lockwood, a 44 year old man living in central California, USA with my wife, youngest son (the oldest recently moved out), two dogs and a cat. For the past 22 years I have worked with youth and families in Texas, Florida, and California. I started as a residential counselor at a children’s home and, after receiving my Masters of Science in Social Work, I started working as a supervisor and later an administrator. I am now the Executive Director of a state association of nonprofits that work with families.

During this time I’ve have developed a “philosophy of life”. We all do it eventually. We build opinions about what is important in life and why. We make moral decisions about what is right or wrong. We form beliefs for how to function in society. Beliefs about relationships. Beliefs about money, health and community. And it is from my beliefs about life that I developed the idea of the Seven Actions. Actions that I believe are critical to our success and happiness.

So, due to a number of changes in my recent life and a thoughtful self-examination, I have once again decided to set some targets for personal change. In doing so, I’ve selected one goal from each of the Seven Actions. Setting specific goals is something I have done a several times in my life, often with mixed results. I knew that tracking my goals and sharing my ambitions with others would increase my success.

That bring me to this blog. The Seven Actions blog is my way of sharing my goals with others (you) and it is a part of my tracking system. I will be documenting the progress on my goals on this blog. In fact, I will be sharing those goals in upcoming posts. Yep, you are a part of my plan for success!

But this blog is also about sharing ideas and learning together. You have goals for your life. Maybe you have New Year’s resolutions you are trying to keep. So, join me and be a part of the Seven Actions community. That is what Seven Actions is about…learning together how to change our lives.

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