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My Working Goal: Complete Redesign of Website »

As regular readers know, I post my own life goals here on SevenActions as an example of goal setting and to keep myself on track. So, this goal is for the action of working. My personal goal for work (my day job) is to complete the redesign of our agency website by February 19, 2008. […]

7 Recommended Websites for Debt Reduction »

I’m starting a new feature at Seven Actions called 7 Recommended Websites. Every week or two I will be posting seven Internet resources on a specific goal related topic. The first topic for this new feature is debt reduction. Since it is the goal of many of us to get out of or stay out […]

5 Simple Tips for Remembering Brilliant Ideas »

I wonder how many great ideas are lost simply because someone doesn’t remember them later. How many brilliant pieces of music, heart-pounding book plots, or cutting-edge business ideas are forgotten in the daily hustle of our lives? What about new ideas for achieving your life goals? Here are five simple tips for remembering your great […]

Problem with RSS Feed Has Been Corrected »

I realized just today that the RSS feed on this blog was not working. I apologize to any of you that may have tried to subscribe. Well, the problem has been fixed. If you would like to subscribe to, simply click any of the orange RSS icons (except the big one to the left) […]

How Am I Doing? Update on Jim’s Goals »

Here’s a brief update on how I am doing with the three goals I have shared with you: I will spend at least one hour each week in an outdoor recreation activity (not including normal exercise). I’m doing great. I’ve done at least one hour each week. Last week it was hiking for one hour […]

Seeking Meaning: The Seven Actions Series »

The final post in the Seven Actions Series is about seeking. I think I saved this action until last because I knew it would be the most difficult to write. Seeking is our need to believe in something. It is what gives life meaning. It is spiritual, but not always religious. It is understanding that […]

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